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The vast majority of people are not actively planning or thinking about end of life issues, meaning that they are less likely to have the kind of death they would choose. On a practical level the financial and legal implications of lack of preparation increases stress and upset for those closest to them in the event of their death. Our research has, encouragingly, shown that people are open to and interested in thinking and talking about issues around death, dying and bereavement; however they are less willing to think about and plan for their own death.  Planning and preparing things well in advance is one way of reducing the worries that we all have.  It is also a positive experience which leaves loved ones better prepared for life without you.

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This project is about getting people talking, thinking and making informed decisions about what they want to be remembered for and leave behind.  It is not about waiting until someone is approaching the end of their life and being asked to make decisions about the kind of medical care/support they would like.  It is about thinking ahead, planning and taking action now, when things are good, so that when end of life and death come the people you love and who care for you have a clear understanding of what is important and what is not.  This project encourages advance planning which will increase the chances of a good end of life, the chances of dying well. GATE is a group of volunteers from a range of professional backgrounds who have an interest in ageing and end of life matters.  We have all seen first hand the problems caused when no thought has been given to these issues and have, conversely, seen how affirming and positive forward planning in this way is. Giving peace of mind and comfort to the person concerned, and the people they leave behind when they are gone.  Our aims are to raise public awareness of ways of dealing with death, dying and bereavement and promote community involvement. By putting life in death we acknowledge that death is a part of life.  If you have a GATE plan it makes it easier for everyone when tough times come. Contact Us